Crimson LP style guitar kit, A closer look.

To be honest this was one of those purchases that was more of a happy mistake than anything else.

One Friday night after a single glass of wine cough cough, I persuaded myself after a longer than usual process into buying a new kit from Crimson Guitars as it was on sale at the time and the price seemed like a steal, £365 for an LP style kit with ebony fretboard, mother of pearl trapezoid inlays, Sapele and Maple body etc… Like I said a steal for the UK produced high-end guitar kit.

Roll on Saturday and after a lovely revitalising coffee I re-acquainted myself with my purchase from the night before and to my dismay realised all I had purchased was the neck, no wonder it was such a good price, not quite the steal I had thought at the time. Lesson to self don’t drink and shop.

Anyway, I got in touch with Crimson and explained my situation and asked if I could get a refund and apologised for my stupidity as I couldn’t really afford an additional £300 at that time for the full kit. And to be honest, couldn’t really justify it with all the other guitar parts lying around in various states of undress waiting to be built into new and fantastic (hopefully) instruments.

To my surprise the owner of Crimson the enigmatic Ben Crowe was actually in the office at the time and overhearing the discussion offered to supply a body to go along with my neck for just an additional £50 of her majesties pounds, So obviously I bit their hands off right there and then and said yes, please.

The full Crimson LP Electric Guitar Kit specs are listed below:

  • Sapele body
  • Full LP style top Carve
  • Flamed Maple Top
  • Sapele neck
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 22 Medium/Jumbo Nickel Silver frets with bevelled edges
  • 6mm Mother of Pearl Dot inlays and 2mm white side dot inlays as standard
    • or add Mother of Pearl Trapezoids and 2mm white side dot inlays
  • 12″ Fretboard Radius
  • 24.75″ Scale Length
  • Dual Action Truss Rod with Access at the Headstock
  • Carbon fibre stiffening rods
  • It has a Modern C Neck Carve
  • 8mm Tuner holes drilled
  • Body will have a standard neck pocket

Images courtesy of Crimson Guitars.

When I first received the kit I was really pleasantly surprised, It was all packaged really well and the fit and finish was on a different level to the cheaper kits I have purchased previously.

The neck was pretty much quarter sawn with a lovely ebony fretboard, The only downside and to be honest it is one I expected, the body is weighty very weighty as there is no weight relief. These are solid Sapele and Maple bodies and as such feel like it.

The kits also come with no binding on the body or neck which for me is fine as I’m not really into binding but it leaves you with the option if you wish to do this yourself.

The cavity covers that come with the kit for the standard LP type rear cavities are also made from wood not plastic like most other kits supply, if you receive them at all as some kits cavity covers are extra looking at you precision guitar kits.


The Crimson Guitars LP kit is a beautiful kit for the money, they use good materials finish is excellent and they also offer other common styles plus a blank kit so that you can go wild with your imagination.

Would I buy another at full price? you bet a Tele style kit will hopefully be coming my way later this year. If you would like to try out a kit yourself or have a look at Crimson’s other offerings you can find them here.

I will also be updating this post when I finalise what I’m going to be doing with this kit and will create new content about it at the time, stay tuned.

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