Books on Lutherie & Other Things

No one knows everything, and I believe that is especially true when it comes to guitar lutherie, whether that is electric or acoustic. One thing I have enjoyed throughout my time learning about guitars, be that the building of them, the history of them or just the feelings and emotions they bring to us. Is that online resources are good but nothing beats a proper book in your hand, the feel of the pages a coffee in your free hand and just finding the time to slow down and just immerse yourself in the written words and images.

Below are some of the books I have purchased and have tried to categorise to the best of my ability, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Acoustic Guitars

Books on Acoustic Guitar Lutherie.

Electric Guitars


Ok, I admit it, I am a sucker for a traditional Gibson Les Paul. It can’t be denied and if I am being honest have spent an unhealthy amount of time, reading and also chasing after the allusive 59 burst feeling and dare I say it tone.

But even if you are not as far down the rabbit hole as me these books and especially the beauty of the burst are really beautiful with some amazing photography.

The Black Strat

This one just needs a section of its own.

Learn Guitar

All these books have had good reviews and I have even bought and used some of them, and still continue to do so.

If you have suggestions for other books that have helped you that you would like me to list here or just to have a look at myself please get in touch i would love to hear from you.

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